dimecres, d’agost 31, 2005

one boring saturday afternoon

Quite extrange to write this knowing maybe someone may read it. I have never wrote anything to be readed, well, as everyone I've wrote thousands of emails, some essays for school, almost everyday shoping lists, hundred of whishes lists and all that stuff, but this it's a bit different..I think that that's the main reason why this blog is a bit boring, I don't know what to write about!! Well, I could write about many things, but I don't really feel they could be interesting to people on the net. Internet it's full of people's shit!!And the only thing I do it's to help filling it with another shitty blog.

Well, let's write about any random thing without thinking, (to summ up that's what I do all the time!)

Some sweatty boys are playing basketball on TV, Spanish national team it's playing vs France one in a town near mine, and they have just scored! But the match it's not too addictive, it's one of those preparation ones, and they are not playing as usual.
As you read this you can think I'm one of those sports supporters, well, in some way I am.
I think if you HAVE to watch TV on a Saturday afternoon as I have to (to cut a story short, I'm looking after my grandma and as she's sleeping siesta the whole afternoon we don't chat too much), and you are in this country, you can understand me.
If not, just imagine that TV programs on Spanish and Valencian TV's on a Saturday afternoon are: soap operas, Mel Gibson 80's films, Spanish 70's films (as I call:lolailo ones, the worst), and society programs (as we say:"programas del corasón"; celebrities ones) and
others that smell more than those. The only wealthy thing could be read, watch sports on TV or surf the net.

Unfortunately I can't surf here because my grandma lives in a area were almost everyone has her age, I mean, they don't use wireless connections, they just use the telephone and not everyone!! and it's quite difficult to find one good free wireless.. I really hope one day any of the young neighbours feel the need to install one, but, who knows?. At the moment I'm writting this in a .txt document and it will wait to be uploaded from my computer to you all (is anybody there? :D ).

Have fun you all, keep on rocking! And Just remember that soda is one of the greatests human discovers!

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